Lots of good news!

The little amp that could

Diamond Joe Bonanza in his natural habitat.
Sam Meek laying down some great guitar on the Lightning Sessions.
Testing some mics, 1940’s RCA 74b, Flea 12, Flea 47. I was very happy with all of them! I think I’ll keep ’em.
A great show we will do again!

Hi everyone, lots of stuff coming up through the end of the year.

The 2nd Annual Hometown Throwdown is set for Dec 21st at the Palace Theatre in Syracuse, NY!! Tickets will go on sale soon!!

I have two more major tours coming up with Joe Bonamassa. One European run and one North American tour. I will also be doing a two week run in China and Japan with guitar legend and overall great dude, Mr. Larry Carlton….I get to play with all the best guitarists!! That will take place right in the middle of a Bonamassa tour, so I will be subbing out the chair for that time. But fear not, I shall return to finish the year with Joe.

I will also have a smattering of gigs with my band and also Groove Legacy. I am doing sessions from my studio in Sherman Oaks for solo sax, horn sections, arranging and vocal sessions. Contact me if you need some love on a track.

I’m arranging horns for one of my favorite people in the world, Mr. Billy Haynes! YES, he’s doing his solo record, so look out!! Everything is sounding great and he has a stellar line up and great songs, so this should be a killer recording!!

I am also finishing up a couple really great projects. The new Groove Legacy recording is wrapping up soon as well as the Reese Wynans recording I am co-producing with Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith. They will both be available in early 2019.

My band has been invited back for the Keeping the Blues Alive At Sea cruise in February. We are really excited about returning!

Last but not least, a new project inspired by the great Lightning Hopkins is under way at my studio. My band and I will be writing and recording a full length record inspired by the very intimate recordings of Hopkins.

I hope to see you on the road or at a local show!! Grab some music while you’re here!

Enjoy Life!

11 responses to “Lots of good news!

  1. Paulie. I wanted to let you know I ran into Jen Catney at wegmans. She is doing great and has a full head of hair. Curly and cute as hell. Do you know if David Northrup will be joining you at the throwdown? I am happy to here you are doing well. Bless you and safe travels. See you in December.

    1. That’s wonderful news! Yes, Northrup is scheduled right now for the Throwndown! Looking forward to seeing you all!

  2. I’m still watching my little videos of you and Lee with Teresa James & Rhythm Tramps. Such a fun night of great music and kind souls! All the best to ya’ Paulie!

  3. PAULIE!!!!’ Awesome is the word for the Good News! Go Billy Haynes! New album based on Lightning Hopkins? Yes, and more Groove Legacy! I can hardly wait for these projects! Now stop being such a lazy ass and get busy😂😘

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